E-Governance & computerization policies of various state & central government departments in India focus on Effective Administration, Timely result oriented decision, Cost reductions, leakage elimination, digitisations, automation, information at the finger tips to the entire stakeholder and transparency. Over the last decade there has been a massive transformation in the way public services are rendered to the citizens, accountability of government funds & reduction in leakage0.
Key Challenges: Effective Human Resource Utilisations & Cost Reductions by eliminating leakages in Urban Bodies, Civic Municipal bodies & PSU’s

Key Challenges:

Transparency in various state competitive examinations & Seat Selection process ensuring that a deserving candidate gets a merit seat in an educational institution of his/her choice has always been the policy in various state government entrance examinations for professional courses like Engineering, Medical, Architecture etc.,
Lack of technology in this space had given rise to various anomalies in this segment; as a result  deserving candidates were either deprived of their seat or a non-deserving candidate had the chance of obtaining a merit seat through exceptional means.

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