The world of embedded systems is often complicated and daunting for the uninitiated. Building an embedded system as a solution to a problem is a technically challenging problem. A proper solution implies synergies between hardware and software and smooth integration into the client’s business needs and processes. Manvish has over a decade of embedded systems experience, and it brings to the embedded design process its unique perspective on various aspects like realtime operating systems, circuit board development and embedded applications development. Manvish has experienced personnel in both hardware and software domains ensuring that the customer receives a well-architected custom-fit embedded solution.

Why outsource embedded solutions development?

Embedded software and hardware development is a specialized activity, often outside the domain expertise of most companies looking for a complete solution. Manvish can develop software for an existing hardware product or build hardware from scratch, based on customer specifications. Manvish has a ready portfolio of handheld devices that can enable real mobility for an enterprise application, allowing fast and easy customization for the client. This saves on customer costs and allows the client to concentrate on deploying and utilizing the embedded devices in their business processes.


  • What if the solution I need is not available off the shelf?
  • How do I achieve lower system costs?
  • What sorts of devices and software will solve my particular problem?