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Manvish eTech has a proven record for building & providing various Enterprise mobility solutions to different industry segments like Government, Education, Banking, Health Care, Transportation and Retail. From a simple on field data collection to a complex field force automation involving large financial transactions, we have the right solutions to fit the scale & needs of any Enterprise.

Solution offerings

  • Mobile workforce management solutions Open or Close

    Manvish time and attendance solutions help companies track much more than just hours worked & physical presence of the employees. By placing stationary terminals with a biometrics or card swipe feature at plant entrances, on shop floors, on field, on the road, Manvish can help keep accurate track of which employees are on site, on the road, or off-shift, allowing companies to switch tasks on the fly to meet changing customer needs. These solutions can handle routine hours as well as complex shift and overtime rules that can make a big difference to an employee's income. And making sure payroll records are accurate means employees won't be worrying about anything but the work at hand.

    Mobile work force mgmt
  • Field force Automation Open or Close

    Enterprises having an efficient field-force, have lower operating expenses, better productivity, higher SLA compliance and customer satisfaction levels, and capture more service revenue than industry peers. Use of traditional process like manual books, ledgers, diaries, pen & paper system are a hindrance for effective operations & a deterrent for real time information. Adopting the right enterprise mobile solution that suits the on-field teams’ requirements and business processes is a challenge. Manvish provides the right technology solutions to bridge the gap between your business and your on-team field teams.

    MiFaun™ Mobility Solutions is ideal for traveling sales team to capture customer requirement, check back on availability with central server, using wireless networks and create order, all on the go, it cuts out significant time in the entire demand -supply chain, improves accuracy, increases field force productivity & customer satisfaction levels.

    MiFaun™ has built in radio frequency reader, making it ideal as advanced supply chain management tool for tracking inventory, issuance and deliveries. The same platform can be used, along with a bar code scanner, as a warehouse management tool for tracking inventory, issuance and dispatches. The powerful 32 bit Processor provides the required computing power for porting applications various applications like CRM, order tracking, inventory tracking etc.

    built in printer enables the field teams to issue customer invoices, delivery receipts at the customer location. This process also eliminates the time lag between when work is performed and invoiced, which cuts delays in billing cycle and improves cash flow. Support for multiple data communication standards such as GSM, CDMA, GPRS, Wifi, makes MiFaun the ideal device to be used under different types of connectivity environments.

    Field force automation
  • Microfinance & Financial Inclusion Open or Close

    Manvish MiFaun™ Handheld Computer empowers Financial Institution Business Correspondents (BC), on-the-go, to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity, and accuracy by combining advanced computing, multimode communication technology and open architecture. MiFaun™ Handheld Computer has been designed keeping in mind applications that empower people at the grass roots with the benefits of information technology. MiFaun™ seamlessly integrates secure Biometric authentication and multi-protocol smart card reader/ writer, thermal printer in an ergonomic, light weight yet robust design. Once the customer arrives, MiFaun™ will help the BC to verify & authenticate him through fingerprint in his / her smart card. Post authentication, the customer will be offered the entire range of financial services, not just withdrawals and deposits. MiFaun™, due to its advanced computing capabilities, can offer business / personal loans, insurance of all kinds, remittances, bill payment or even mobile recharge coupons. Transactions can be conducted in real time (using GPRS /CDMA) using industry based encryption standards and conducted in local languages to improve ease-of-use. Manvish eTech's financial inclusion solution (MiFaun™ device and client application) allows smooth and secure data transfer between BC, intermediate system and Core banking systems. Customer list, Product / Service, de-duplication / service approvals and hot lists can be downloaded in a secure manner to ready the device for next shift's use. BC's access can be audit trailed for direct accountability with respect to cash collection & disbursement.

    Micro finanace & Financial Inclusion
  • Automatic Bus Ticketing Open or Close

    Proven solutions using GPS/GPRS Based Electronic Bus Ticketing Systems in emerging economies. Simple to use, Fast & Reliable with local language support. Long life Li-on Battery, Rechargeable, 40Hrs of Operation. Generates tickets, Stage/Trip Wise Collection reports, and Day close collection / Expense reports. Communicates thru USB/GPRS to Application S/W

    bus ticketing
  • Automatic electricity meter reading & billing Open or Close

    In the present information age various state run electricity companies want to keep track of their revenues very strictly & require real time information on the money being collected on field. Timely revenue flow has become very critical for these managements in order to ensure best in class services to the consumers. Managing millions of data is impossible with manual pen & paper system. Use of technology is the only solution. MiFaun™ Mobility Solutions can play a vital role in this. MiFaun™ Mobility Solutions can be used by the business correspondents(BC) who inturn enter various data on field for bill generation. The BC’s can collect payments through cash, demand draft, cheque & necessary provisions are made in the applications to record the data & instant receipts are given against these payment receipts. The entire transaction details are transmitted to the central server automatically.

    auto bill mac
  • Tele medicine Open or Close

    The vulnerability of households increases when they have no easy access to health care. Of the numerous IT applications currently pursued, the use of telemedicine is a major force in addressing the healthcare delivery issues. The cost of delivery becomes a critical component in adopting the right methodology for servicing the health-care needs of rural communities. The MiFaun™ Mobility Solutions platform can fit in as the ideal yet cost-effective medium for delivering health-care services, especially where a good number of healthcare workers are on the move. Hospitals may provide MiFaun handheld devices to Public Health Correspondents (PHC's), who will form the first level of interaction with rural patients.The symptoms will be captured on a handheld device. This will be transmitted to a doctor, stationed in a city. The doctor's prescription will be sent back to the device and this is communicated and acted upon by the PHC.

    tele medicine