campus connectivity

Student Information System: Web-based self-service environment for students, parents, prospective students, and employees; an administrative transaction processing environment for university staff to conduct day-to -day business; an information environment for all levels of faculty and staff to do reporting, data extraction, and information analysis.

Features: -

The Students, Teachers, Principal, And Other Staff Can Work At Their Convenience And Access Their Part Of The System From Anywhere On A PC. Access To Parents /Guardians To Know Progress About Their Wards.
Governing Bodies That Manage Multiple Institutions Spread Across Different Geographies Can Now Have Visibility Of The Institutions Operations Access To The Statutory Bodies Such As The Directorate Of Education And Other Such Governmental Regulatory Bodies. In This Feature, The Respective Institutional Head Can Accord Or Deny Access To Anybody Depending On The Policy Of The Institution(S).

The Data Of Every Student Is Always On-Line Right From Admission To Certification And Thereafter In An Alumni Database After Graduating Out. This Allows For Any Higher Educational Institution Granting Admission, Employer Or Scholarship/Grants Body Etc., Anywhere In The World Access To Verify The Details Of The Concerned Individual Very Conveniently.

Enhances The Reputation And Stature Of The Institution While Lending Itself To